أخبار الإنترنت

How to kill time

round Timex analog clock at 2:33 

At one point while I was in front of the books to study, but to no avail.

At one point when you catch my eye, it switches between numbers to number.

Can this time make up again or come back again?

Pricey, good looking, very shiny. Then part of the value of this part fell from it and then presented it.

Even the time factor affected this ring.

The lesson is not that it is like a sword, nor that if you do not cut it, the full moon will come upon us, nor any of that.

Minutes have sixty seconds that pass quickly if you don't realize the time and you will waste more than sixty minutes.

Time is the greatest investment for everything in the world.. Not real estate and selling it in the new capital.

Time can invest them, but the idea is in the owner of the investment…. Who knows this or not?

If he knows his management, then there is no problem, but the problem is with those who do not know him.

And the biggest disaster is that this is where you wait for a date that is close to it.. Rather, you are the one who reaches it; Because you are now fixed in your place, you do not make the best use of it.

It's time!

   you know what it is

   I mean, history has reached before death.. A date that haunts you, sir.. Are you ready for it?

Is your exam date ready for it? Appointment with whatever you want?

If you are ready for it, then you know how to invest correctly

Try to make your investment profitable even if time is wasted without a satisfactory result.

He failed but believe me you are on the right path.

You fail and you fail, you try again, you fail, or you succeed... Here, there is no such thing as failure... absolutely.

Failure is .. out of place, he says.

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